I recently startet working with emacs and the Doom framework. Below you find a list with usefully keybindings to start with.


SPC h r r restarts emacs
SPC q q quit emacs
SPC h d h or C-h d h or M-x doom/help shows the Doom emacs help
SPC : or M-x open dialogue to search for any command
SPC t l toggle line numbers (Disabled - Normal - Relative)
SPC h v describe variable (show also the actual value)
SPC h f describe function

Working with windows

SPC w v or C-w v creates a vertical split
SPC w s or C-w s creates a horizontal split
SPC w c or C-w c closes the active window
SPC w w or C-w w go to next window
SPC w W or C-w W go to previous window

Working with buffers

SPC b i open i buffer, lists the current buffer
SPC b k kills (closes) the active buffer
SPC b p jump to previous buffer
SPC b n jump to next buffer

Working with files (dired)

SPC . find file
SPC f r find recent file
C-x d start the dired file manager (Inside dired)
q kill all dired buffer
+ create directory
SPC . create file
D delete file at point
R rename file at point
- go up one directory
m mark files
x delete marked files
u unmark a file/directory
U unmark all files/directory

Working with terminals (vterm needs to be installed)

SPC o T open vterm in active window
SPC o t toggle vterm popup

Working with markdown files

C-c brings up the markdown submenu
C-c C-i insert link
C-c TAB insert image

Synchronizing the config After changing the init- File for Example run inside terminal doom sync

:doom discourse / Dired keybinding reference :doom discourse / Discourse Doom emacs Guides