h Move cursor left
j Move cursor down
k Move cursor up
l Move cursor right

Ctrl + b Move backward one full screen
Ctrl + f Move forward one full screen
Ctrl + d Move forward half a screen
Ctrl + u Move back half a screen

H Move to the top of Screen
L Move to bottom of the Screen

w Jump forward to start of word
b Jump backwards to the start of a word
gg Go to the first line of the document
G Go to the last line of the document
5gg or 5G Go to line 5

Insert mode

i Insert before the cursor
o Insert on a new line below the current line
Esc Exit insert mode

Visual mode cut and paste

y Copy (yank) marked text
p Put (paste) the clipboard after cursor
d Delete marked text

yy Copy (yank) a line
5yy Copy (yank) 5 lines
dd Delete (cut) a line
5dd Delete (cut) 5 lines

Search and replace

/term Search forward for «term»
?term Search backward for «term»
n Repeat search, same direction
N Repeat search, opposite direction


u Undo
Ctrl+r Redo

Saving and exiting

:w Save (write), don’t exit
:wq Save (write) and quit
:q Quit, only possible without changes
:q! Force quit, without saving